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University of Iowa Online Undergraduate Education

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Seated in the southeast Iowa, University of Iowa, a 1,900-acre university on the Iowa River, is the major research university in Iowa State and composed of 11 colleges.

Since the foundation in 1847, Iowa has won global reputation for its wealth of academic achievements in arts, sciences and humanities.

If you are the one having no time to attend on-campus classes, but wanting to further knowledge and earn a higher degree under the guidance of Iowa’s professional instructors, University of Iowa online learning programs will make all of these a reality of your dreams!

Why University of Iowa

Online education program, or distance learning, is sponsored by the University of Iowa Continuing Education Division. A wide variety of degree and certificate programs are included and delivered to myriad off-campus locations via the internet. By joining online learning programs, people who have difficulties to attend full-time colleges or universities would continue their study and earn a higher degree at their own pace with ease. This is a great bonus for the married adults, parents, and busy workers.

The education you receive online is of the same quality as Iowa traditional on-campus education. Guaranteed remarkable value, sophisticated instructions, like-minded “classmates” and exceptional learning – all of these are associated with University of Iowa online degree programs!

Undergraduate Degree Programs from Iowa

Currently, University of Iowa provides three types of undergraduate degree programs for online learners, respectively the Bachelor of Applied Studies (BAS), the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), and the Bachelor of Liberal Studies (BLA). Each program has specific requirements and prerequisites for the admissions.


– An AAS, AS, or AA from an accredited institution

– A minimum of 60 semester hours of transferable credit

– A cumulative GPA (graduate point average) of 2.5 and more for students with a degree from a community college out of Iowa


– A minimum of 60 semester hours of transferable college credit from an accredited institution, including 16 semester hours of career or technical credits

– Complete all six prerequisite courses

– A cumulative and prerequisite GPA of 2.75 or above

– Earn a grade of C or better in all prerequisite courses


– A minimum of 60 semester hours of transferable college credit from all accredited institutions, including 16 semester hours of career or technical credits

– A cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above

– An AA from any community college in Iowa with a cumulate GPA of 2.0 or more

How to Deliver Online Courses

As we know, most distance education is delivered via internet. However, University of Iowa also offers some external degree programs or courses in an array of off-campus locations, such as Quad Cities, Lakeside Laboratory, Des Monies and Sioux City. Besides, as Iowa is in the partnerships with many community colleges in the State, students who study in these community colleges and have completed related degree programs can enroll into Iowa online bachelor degree programs, or join the blended education opportunities at select of local community colleges.

University of Iowa online courses will follow the instructor paced schedule, and provided via the internet with ICON (Iowa Courses Online) or the instructor’s website. Different from online courses which have no requirements on log on times or scheduled meetings, web courses will require the students to participate in one or more scheduled meetings. Most of web courses take advantage of virtual classroom technology, like Adobe Connect, to make sure that the interactive class meetings would occur in real time.

The self-paced courses from University of Iowa are called Guided Independent Study (GIS) courses. Students who have enrolled into this program are able to complete the degree program by using the materials available through ICON in one or two semesters.

Note: This web site is not affiliated with or connected to University of Iowa. For accurate and professional information, go to University of Iowa official site.

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