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Online Education & Degrees

For prospective college students, online education and schooling will be a great and flexible choice. The areas include business, nurse, design, law and more. You can just search for the most right one.

Online Education & Degrees
University of Phoenix Online Degrees for Undergraduates

Need an associate’s or bachelor’s degree to start your career or advance your job?

Though it is people’s privilege to accept college education, not everyone is able to go to school or finish school due to various circumstances that cannot be avoided. However, advancements in technology have made a significant impact in the fulfillment of an individual’s education needs. People can avail themselves of a program called online education. If you are looking to earn an associate’s or bachelor’s degree through online education, look no further than University of Phoenix.

University of Phoenix, a for-profit institution of higher learning, is one of the largest higher education providers in North America. The university has over 200 campuses in the world and awards degrees in more than 100 degree programs at the associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels. Read more

UIC Online Non-credit Programs

Unlike credit programs, non-credit programs are meant to help those who are not pursuing degrees.

When you complete an online non-credit program, you will obtain a certificate other than an academic degree. Through this online program, you can earn a certificate which will be used to find a better job, get a promotion or broaden your knowledge.

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Tuition-Free Online High Schools for California Students

Tuition-free online high schools are usually public high schools or online charter schools funded by the government but run by private organizations.

In some states, free online high schools might be operated directly by a local school district or a state office, such as the Department of Education.

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Toppest Online Colleges: Phoenix, Liberty & Kaplan

Is the daily commuting between home and campus the nightmare for you?

Does your current career allow you to attend classes in full time? Or are you a single parent with a babe to take care of? If so, to update yourself with the knowledge and skills needed in the ever-changing workplace, online colleges are the right choices for you!

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Top Online MBA Schools

Do you feel confused about your future career plan? Are you satisfied with your current job and salary?

Maybe you’ve heard of MBA program but you have family and society obligations and you are not planning to sacrifice your job and earnings. Obviously, your decisions of obtaining a MBA degree via online learning couldn’t be made at an ideal time. Online MBA is well recognized for its value among entrepreneurs, business owners, employers and employees from all over the world. It seems that the MBA degree carries an indispensable value in all aspects and any organizations nowadays. The upcoming part will mainly discuss the representative universities with online MBA programs.

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Top 5 Online Christian Colleges in the US

Different from research universities or liberal arts colleges, Christian colleges put an emphasis on biblical studies and Christian ministry.

Featured programs include Theology, Christian Leadership, Divinity, Evangelism, and Pastoral Studies, while a variety of other programs beyond the religious scope are also available.

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Top 4 American Online Universities

There’re so many online universities available. It’s vitally important for you to choose an accredited university.

If you choose one which is not accredited at all, your efforts will end in vain. People choose online learning programs in order to hunt for a better job. And employers only recognize degree from an accredited university. You should do enough homework before you choose an accredited university. Top 4 online universities are listed below:

Capella University

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Study Online and Get a Certificate Free

About eight online courses will be provided by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign starting from this autumn.

All these courses can be taken without spending a penny, and you can even earn a certificate after you complete them.

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Parents Guide to Private Online High Schools

These days, K-12 students have lots of options to receive desirable education online.

Among the four major types of online high school, including online charter, university-affiliated, public and private online schools, the last one gives youngster the most flexibility.

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What You Need To Know about University of Illinois Online

Founded in 1997 as an initiative providing coordination and support in the area of distance learning and public service, the U of I Online is aimed to provide high-quality online education to people in and around the United States.

Today, a full range of online programs and courses are offered by three campuses of the University of Illinois – Chicago, Springfield and Urbana-Champaign.

As a leading research-intensive university in Illinois, the University of Illinois can ensure you an engaging and effective online learning experience. But before your registration, take a look at this article to learn more about requirements and services of U of I online.

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