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Online Courses Overwhelm Traditional Classes

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In the recent years, distance learning, which is a brand new way to take courses, has increasingly prevailed in college campuses and work places.

It comes like a storm, sweeping the whole world. There are a number of students and employees inclined to take courses online in order to enrich themselves or boost their careers instead of traditional courses.

Maybe some of you tend to take online courses but don’t know whether it is a right choice, or you are facing a dilemma: online courses or traditional courses. As for me, I prefer to take the former rather than take the latter.

First and foremost, courses on the internet are more diversified. There are some top online schools (Grand Canyon University, Liberty University, etc.) offering lots of courses online which vary with your own needs. Some of popular courses include online basic skills, online food and catering course, online, gardening course, online health course and online language course. You can select any of these courses based on your own need.

Second, compared to traditional classes, online courses often charge you less tuition and lower expenses, although it is not true for all online courses. For the reason that there are no class activities or extracurricular activities, therefore the overall costs are lowed. Besides, there is no need for students to buy textbooks which may cost them a sum of money, because they can download the reading materials from online schools websites.

Third, online course learning time is more flexible. If you are busy working and doing other things all day long, the time-flexible online course can be your ideal choice. There are few fixed learning time that you have to spend on your computer. It gives great convenience for those who wanna attend traditional college but lack free time. Those who need to take care of their children can also benefit from online courses. And if you are tired of getting up early to attend classes, taking online course will give you a big help.

Furthermore, online course offers you freewill learning locations. Since all courses are taught online, so you don’t have to attend classes, there is no need for you to stay one fixed place for studying. Lectures and other reading materials are sent to you electronically. Unlike traditional courses, you can take a class just with your computer wherever you are. You will never have to find parking space and take off early just for going to a class.

Besides, there is no dressing code. Maybe most of students are fascinated by this news. For women, they can wear fashionable dresses; for males, they can just come to class with pajamas or even come to class naked if your web cam is closed. So, you will not be restrained by monotonous school uniform.

Sixth, online courses can eliminate your fear of asking questions. Many students don’t dare to ask questions to teachers face to face in traditional class, which affect their studies records severely, because they feel it shameful and stupid. With courses online, this fear can be eliminated. You will not feel uncomfortable by asking questions online. Whenever you are confused with puzzles, just send an e-mail to your instructor. You will be improved by this way of learning.

Last but not least, online courses provide you a more advanced mode of teaching. Students are encouraged to be contemplative and reflective in the way of eLearning. When students are studying online, there is sufficient time for them to reflect before responding. They can complete their assignments at 6 am or 12 pm, Monday or Sunday, whenever they want. This advanced mode of teaching also has following advantages:

• Uniform standards are kept.

• Content delivery is consistent.

• There are fewer errors and safer environment online.

• Students can enrich their knowledge of computers skills which will benefit them in their lives and careers.

Of course, every coin has two sides. Online course also has its disadvantages.

1. The greatest weakness of online course is that it is lack of interactions. Students are learning course in different places and they are not familiar with each other. So they cannot discuss with classmates or interact with teachers.

2. Although you don’t have to be a computer geek to take online courses, but it is important for you to be computer literate with technology. And you must ensure that your network environment is at a state of high speed so that you can access to the course system conveniently. Because all the course can taught on the internet, only in the way of using computer can you be imparted knowledge at full. If you are not good at high-tech learning, maybe traditional classes are your best choice.

To sum up, despite inevitable weaknesses of online courses, it is still worthy to have a try, especially for those who are busy in their works and those whose children are need to take care. Since people enrolling in online courses can also be able to manage their time and complete the assignments through computers. Maybe it is not suitable for everyone. This kind of learning can really improve your learning speed and make your learning more effective.

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