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Tuition-Free Online High Schools for California Students

Tuition-free online high schools are usually public high schools or online charter schools funded by the government but run by private organizations.

In some states, free online high schools might be operated directly by a local school district or a state office, such as the Department of Education.

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Parents Guide to Private Online High Schools

These days, K-12 students have lots of options to receive desirable education online.

Among the four major types of online high school, including online charter, university-affiliated, public and private online schools, the last one gives youngster the most flexibility.

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Georgia Free Online Schools Comparison: Georgia Virtual Academy VS GA Virtual School

Today, most states offer free online high school programs, so students can learn at their own pace from the comfort of their home.

For K-12 students residing in Georgia, there are a lot of free online schools for them to choose from. Among all those no-cost schools, Georgia Virtual Academy (GVA) and Georgia Virtual School (GAVS) are the most sought-after options.

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Earn Your Michigan High School Diploma at No Cost

Looking for opportunities to take online high school courses for free?

You are in the right place. This article lists several tuition-free online public or private schools currently serving high school students in Michigan.

I. Michigan Connections Academy

Michigan Connections Academy is an ideal choice for students in grades K-12. Renowned for its high quality education, the school offers lots of curriculums for high school students, in addition to a supportive school community.

Basically, Michigan Connections Academy can provide core classes in Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies, etc. Plus, there are a number of extensive electives for students to choose from, such as foreign languages, digital technology and journalism. Better still, most of high school courses from Michigan Connections Academy are approved by the NCAA Eligibility Center.

Honors and AP courses are also offered. And students are encouraged to participate in field trips and interactive clubs to enhance their learning experience. One more benefit of enrolling in Michigan Connection Academy high school diploma program is that you will be able to earn college credits through taking a few required courses.

Please notice that authorized by the Ferris State University Charter Schools Office, Michigan Connections Academy has a few enrollment requirements. So, before you enroll in any online learning program, take a look at the following requirements to make sure that you are eligible to participate:

1) The school only accepts students who have left school before graduation but won’t be 20 prior to September 1;

2) You must live in Michigan and can provide acceptable proof of residency.

Fortunately, Michigan Connections Academy has no prior schooling limitations. That means, no matter you are an age-eligible public, private or home schooled student, chances are you will be accepted by the school.

But note that if you are currently expelled by your high school, you are definitely not eligible for Michigan Connections Academy.

II. Jenison International Academy (JIA)

Established and offered through Jenison Public School, Jenison International Academy is an online school serving both middle school and high school students across West Michigan and around the world. It offers a number of quality online courses for students to earn credits toward high school diploma.

All the courses are offered through the nation’s leading curriculum provider – K12. The best part is that JIA also provides high school students with chances to participate in first class music programs as well as extra-curricular events and clubs.

Jenison International Academy accepts both full-time and part-time students. Applicants only need to create a K12 online account, print and fill in the JIA ENROLLMENT PACKET online, then send the form to [email protected] You can also fax the completed form to (616) 457-4070 or mail it to:

Jenison International Academy

2140 Bauer Rd.

Jenison, MI 49428

Note that JIA also requires each student to get a recommendation letter. You can download the Recommendation Form on its official site and then mail it directly to JIA once getting it completed by a non-family member.

To graduate from JIA with an accredited high school diploma, you also have to meet a series of graduation requirements. For classes of 2012-2015, students are required to attend 7 semesters and earn a total of 22 credits which include:

• 4 credits on Language Arts;

• 4 credits on Mathematics;

• 3 credits on Science;

• 3 credits on Social Studies;

• 1 credit on Visual, Performing & Applied Arts;

• 1 credit on Physical Education/Health;

• And 6 credits on electives.

Plus, any full-time students must meet JIA’s minimum credit requirements as transferred, such as:

– Those in grade 10 have to transfer a minimum of 5 credits;

– Grade 11 students should transfer a minimum of 10 credits;

– And pupils in grade 12 must transfer a minimum of 15 credits.

It’s also a must for pupils to complete all of the Michigan Merit Examination (MME) related assessment and the State and/or Jenison assessments for required courses such as Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2; Biology, Chemistry, Physics; and all Language Arts courses, etc. Otherwise, you might not be granted a diploma.

III. Michigan Virtual Charter Academy

Authorized by Grand Valley State University as a part of the Michigan Public School System, this online charter school also serves students in grades K-12 for free. Michigan Virtual Charter Academy (MVCA) provides both a virtual and a hybrid option for high school students and is widely considered as the premier online learning program within the state of Michigan.

This tuition-free online public school also boasts a robust catalog of high school courses, including over 90 core, comprehensive, honors and Advanced Placement courses, in addition to a wide range of electives. Math, English Science and History courses are also offered in multiple versions. The best part is that MVCA allows students to choose their favorite courses to meet their particular goals.

To enroll in MVCA’s online high school diploma program, you must be aged 21 or younger and have dropped out of a traditional public school and be identified as such in the Michigan student data system.

But if hybrid program is more preferred for you, make sure you are identified in the data system as a student under the age of 21 who has left school. Besides, you must attend the learning center in Grand Rapids five days a week for site-based instruction.

The enrollment process is easy, simply visit the official site of MVCA, complete the online application, download the MVCA Enrollment Forms Packet and then complete and submit them as required.

You can fax the documents to 877-843-5905, scan and e-mail them to [email protected] or mail them to the following address:

ATTN: Michigan Virtual Charter Academy Enrollment Processing

c/o K12 Inc.

2300 Corporate Park Drive

Suite 200

Herndon, VA 20171

Why and How to Choose Online High Schools

Days have passed when we have to learn high school courses by studying at brick and mortar schools everyday.

Now, thanks to the advance of distance learning, we are able to enjoy quality and professional high school programs within our bedrooms during rainy days.

With the development of science and technology, things have changed significantly and now we are able to earn desirable high school diplomas in our own houses, at our own pace! Online high schools are the most important things that offer us such great opportunities!

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