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Why Liberty University’s Corporate Education Partnership is a Win-Win Solution

Further training and education has become a popular trend for working employees.

It’s also essential to invest in education to remain competitive in the job market. A variety of universities and large corporations work together to provide further education programs for their employees. Online programs are extremely popular among working professionals who are looking for continuous learning and personal career development. Liberty University’s Corporate Education Partnership is an online program like that.

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Why is Liberty University Online the Best for Military Students

The Pentagon will soon spend more on health and other benefits for former military personnel than on the men and women fighting today’s conflicts, according to a new study.

This is the latest news abstract from U.S. News on June 12, 2012.

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What Does Liberty University Online Offer for High School Students

Based on high retention and graduation rates, Liberty University Online is ranking among the nation’s top 10 online universities.

More than 100 in-demand undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs are offered. In addition to these degree programs, Liberty University Online also has something for high school students. Liberty University Online Academy is specially designed for home school parents and students.

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Two Online MBA Programs at Liberty University

With more than 100 online bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs, Liberty University Online provides plenty of degree programs for worldwide students.

In order to succeed in today’s highly competitive marketplace, we always need to update and strengthen our skills and expertise. For those who would like to get an online MBA degree, Liberty University Online has two options: 36-credit-hour MBA program and 45-credit-hour MBA program.

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Liberty University – Always Your Top Choice for Earning a Degree Online

Are you planning to earn a degree online to advance your career?

Perhaps you can consider getting your online degree through Liberty University Online. In May, more than 6,500 graduates walked across the commencement stage to receive their diplomas at Liberty University Online.

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How to Earn Additional Credit at Liberty University Online

Now a large array of online degree programs is offered for people who need the convenience and flexibility of online education.

One important criterion for choosing a suitable program is the length of time required to complete the online degree program. How many credit hours are required toward graduation?

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How Much to Save for Liberty Online Academy Courses

Many families choose homeschooling for various different reasons, such as medical reasons or busy daily schedules.

No matter why you have to make the decision of homeschooling, Liberty University Online Academy can be a nice choice for homeschool students. High school and elementary students in grades 3 and 12 can take online courses via the Liberty University Online Academy.

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Get to Know about Liberty University

Liberty University located in Virginia, America, is the largest Evangelical Christian university in the world, the largest private non-profit university in the nation as well as the largest university in the state of Virginia.

Founded as Lynchburg Baptist College in 1971, LU is celebrating its 40 years of Training Champions for Christ this year.

Nuts and Bolts about LU

LU was built with the vision to train Champions for Christ as a world class university. The university treats students as its greatest asset. School spirit, enthusiasm, strong character and motivation also play a crucial role in the success of the university and its students. Read more

FAQs about Liberty University Online Academy’s Edge Program

As starting college can be a challenge, more and more high school students choose to earn college credits while still in high school.

Thus they will know what to expect while stepping into a college classroom. There’re several ways for high school students to earn college credits prior to the freshman year. Liberty University Online Academy can help realize your dream. With Liberty Online Academy’s EDGE program, you’ll be able to earn college credits before attending college.

What is the EDGE Program and who should take it?

With joint efforts of Liberty University Online Academy and Liberty University Online, the EDGE program was created for high school juniors and seniors who’d like to earn college credits while still in high school. This dual enrollment program is specifically designed for students in grades 11 and 12. These high school juniors and seniors can earn college credits while fulfilling high school course requirements.

You’ll earn 3 credits toward your college degree for each EDGE/dual enrollment course. The more classes you take, the further ahead you will be at your dream university. The dual enrollment program even allows high school students to earn the Associate of Arts Degree while completing their high school diploma. If you’re seeking for the academic edge of earning college credit before graduation from high school, the EDGE is ideal for you.

Are there any special admission requirements?

If you want to enroll in this special dual enrollment program to earn college credits in advance, you must meet the Liberty University Online Academy admission requirements. For ambitious students who want to earn their high school diploma and an Associate of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies, some additional EDGE admission requirements apply.

You must submit a letter of recommendation from your high school guidance counselor. Liberty University Online Academy will also require applicants to demonstrate record of academic excellence to qualify for the dual enrollment program. A 2.7 GPA or higher is necessary. Current unofficial high school transcripts are also needed. Unofficial transcripts always refer to a copy of an original transcript or a print out from the school’s website. After gathering all these materials, you can apply online. Or you can call 866-418-8741 and talk to an admission counselor of the Edge program.

The admission requirements for the dual enrollment program differ for home school students. Just like regular high school students, home school students are also required to display record of academic excellence. They must have a GPA score of 2.7 or higher. Current homeschool transcript is also a necessary part of the application process. Then homeschool students can apply online or by phone (866-418-8741).

How many courses can dual enrollment students take?

Students enrolled in the EDGE program via Liberty University Online Academy can only take select courses. Since these courses meet general education requirements of most colleges and universities, the courses will receive recognization from the college or university of your choice. Sample courses that can be taken toward college credits include:

• BIBL 105 – Old Testament Survey

• BIOL 101 – Principles of Biology

• PHSC 210 – Elements of Earth Science

• BMIS 200 – Enterprise Business Applications and Communications

• ENGL 101 – Composition and Rhetoric

• GOVT 200 – Constitutional Government and Free Enterprise

• MATH 115 – Mathematics for Liberal Arts

• SOCI 200 – Introduction to Sociology

The LUOA EDGE courses are not available for students who have completed their High School Diploma, General Equivalency Diploma or other high school graduation certificate. Limitation also applies to the number of courses that student can take. While fulfilling your high school course requirements, you must take EDGE courses that are useful in the completion of your High School Diploma as your first priority. All students must take less than 35 credits while enrolled in the dual enrollment program.

However, for students who are enrolled in the HS/AA program, there’s no maximum credit limit. In order to ensure academic success, students are recommended to take a maximum of 2 EDGE courses each subterm (8 weeks). Taking too many courses may result in failure of an EDGE credit course. Then the course must be repeated for a second time. Students who have a second failed course will be forbidden to take any additional EDGE courses.

How much does it cost?

The EDGE courses are offered at an affordable rate. The tuition for the dual enrollment courses is the same as other LUOA classes. Online students only need to pay $495 each course. As opposed to resident college student tuition, you’ll receive a 73% tuition savings. The completion of each course will give you 0.5 credit for high school and 3 college credits. Thus the total cost of earning your Associate of Arts degree will be as little as $10,000.

It’s true that taking EDGE courses can save you money. However, dual enrollment students who want to apply for financial aid might be disappointed. Financial aid is not available for students enrolled in the EDGE program. They cannot receive any discounted rates, grants or scholarships anyway.

How to take classes?

As soon as you have fulfilled all admission requirements, you’ll be able to enroll in EDGE courses as you wish. Online courses will give you unrivaled flexibility and convenience. EDGE courses are offered in sixteen or eight week sessions. It means that your EDGE courses will be completed in either 16 week or 8 week online format.

You can choose to enroll in up to eight different enrollment periods each year. To check the detailed course registration deadline for each term, please go to its website and check the upcoming 2012/13 course term dates.

Your course assignments can be completed whenever and wherever you like after successful enrollment. Then you’ll be able to earn college credits while earning your high school diploma. A personal academic advisor will be assigned to you, offering timely guidance to ensure your academic success.

Note: This web site is not affiliated with or connected to Liberty University. For accurate and professional information, go to Liberty University official site.

Explore Tuition Rates and Financial Aid at Liberty University Online

Liberty University is a non-profit institution. It offers the lowest tuition rates among top online universities. [adsnese]If you want to make your low tuition rates even more affordable, check your eligibility for various kinds of financial aid. We’ll help you navigate the financial aid process smoothly.

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