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Planned Events

Have you ever wondered why the world is under the control of clear laws and all is interconnected in incredible manner? And whether a person can understand and exploit them, become a full-fledged master of his destiny?
Coincidences are not coincident. Each event is the result of the chain of precedent events. Though we choose our actions easily, life storylines are subject to certain rules. And definitely the rules dictate what the outcome we will get.

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7 of the best universities in the US

US higher education institutions are among the most prestigious in the world: the highest level of education, a long-standing university tradition, a great level of equipment and the ability to practice in major international corporations. Top US universities provide opportunities for students from other countries, and this is a great opportunity not only to see the country, begin to work, but also to meet future colleagues, proven yourself in practice, to realize the dream and start racing career in almost any country in the world and get a master’s degree in the United States. Read more

What are the best universities in Europe?

European universities occupy a worthy place in the world ranking educational institutions, and if you want to get a really prestigious education in Europe you can choose the best of the best. It is only necessary to understand that in elite institutions is the high admission requirements and the tuition fees can be respectively.

Below are the most prestigious and the best institutions of higher education in Europe. Read more

How to choose a university in Canada? Best Universities.

Canadian education is one of the best and most prestigious in the world. Many of Canada’s largest universities made the list of top 100 universities in the world in the ranking of the prestigious British publication Times Higher Education.

Canadian universities offer quality education in comparison with the US and Europe lower prices, so go to Canada every year to 40 thousand foreigners wishing to join the science. Higher education institutions in Canada are divided into colleges and universities. Read more

Psychological advice to parents of applicants

Psychological advice to parents of applicants (how to deal with children’s excitement)

Often the nervousness injected parents of graduates arguments about the uselessness of the exam and wrong it.

The first piece of advice for parents – do not try to cheat the child and not to escalate the situation.

The word “exam” is translated from Latin as “test”.

And it tests, complex, sometimes dramatic, become final for the eleventh. Many young boys and girls after a short break again being tested knowledge and skills – is the entrance exams. Read more

What you need to know entering the American college?

Around one-third of US residents, who have graduated from school, continue their education in college. The main reason for going to college is material. The most noticeable benefits of a college education for women. Salary of women, which graduated from college, 95% higher than of women with school education.

In the United States, the terms “college” and “university” are often confused because universities can provide education at the college level. The fundamental difference is that college graduates can only get a bachelor’s degree, while, as university graduates receive a master’s degree and doctorate. In addition, colleges are usually universities in the number of students. The small size of a college does not indicate that it gives less education. Read more

How to make friends with classmates?

Find new friends among classmates as easy as on the playground. The main thing to remember to smile, to be good is natured and positive and strive to become part of the new team.

The transition to a new school – is stress. Even the most communicative students are afraid that they will not in the team, and have a long time to earn credibility in the new environment. But, in fact, if observe some simple rules, you can appeal to new classmates on the first day. Read more

Traditions, legends and myths of Yale University

The friction of the left shoe statue of Theodore Dwight Woolsey

This tradition is very similar to Harvard, which is not surprising, because both universities have much in common. Theodore Dwight Woolsey (Theodore Dwight Woolsey, 1801-1889 ) – Former President of Yale. His bronze statue is located on campus in the part, which is called the Old Campus. According to legend, the friction of the left shoe statue brings luck for students before exams. This tradition tells numerous groups of tourists visiting the campus, offering his own shoe rub. As a result, in fact, the shoe and is rubbed to a shine. They say that it is very difficult to find a graduate of Yale older than 30 years, who ever heard of the shoe Theodore Dwight Woolsey. Read more

How enter to Harvard University?

Harvard – is the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States, founded in 1636. Education at the first stage of education takes place in Harvard College.

Each candidate to study at Harvard College are considering two members of the selection committee independently. With higher education go to Harvard for bachelor’s impossible. Foreign students come to the university on the same basis as nationals of the United States. Harvard’s position is Liberal Arts, according to which the most bachelor education in general, students can choose any course and at the end of the diploma graduates have not any particular profession, and is Bachelor of Science or, for example, a bachelor of arts. The school year begins in early September and ends in mid-May. Read more

Брно – Ветеринарно-фармацевтический университет

Университет Ветеринарных и фармацевтических наук был основан в 1918 году в городе Брно. Это учебное заведение является уникальным, так как не имеет себе подобных на территории Чешской Республики. Университет предлагает интересные программы исследования в областях ветеринарии, ветеринарной гигиены и фармакологии. Курсы преподаются на чешском и английском языках.

За долгие годы существования в университете накопилось огромное количество традиций и различных методик обучения, которые сегодня объединились с превосходным оборудованием и современными методами, что позволило значительно повысить уровень образования.

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