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Little girl fighting cancer has singer in tears with adorable video of her dancing on her hospital bed
Posted in Entertainment by IOS May 16, 2017 7:51 am - 0 Comments

A brave little girl fighting cancer had a singer in tears with an adorable video of her dancing on her hospital bed.

The unnamed youngster giggled as she danced opposite a group of clowns dressed in white ‘doctors’ coats to popular song Despacito.

The heartbreaking reality of girl’s fragile condition is clear in the video as she dances in a locked quarantine room – while her companions are kept on the other side of a glass window.

Footage of the tear-jerking moment, at a hospital in Puerto Montt, Chile, caught the eye of Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi after it went viral this week.

The singer, who was born in Chile, admitted watching the girl dancing about to his song melted his heart, as he shared it on his Instagram.
“This is the power of music! This makes things be in perspective, what the real important things are in life: health, love, faith, family. how many things children teach us.”

Man’s epic rant over council two-bag rubbish limits goes viral as he likens rules to ‘War and Peace’
Posted in Entertainment by IOS May 15, 2017 7:44 am - 0 Comments

A frustrated resident’s online rant about a council’s “draconian” two-bag rubbish limit every fortnight has gone viral.
Darren James said he posted the 1,100-word rant on Facebook after his council nor its contractor could tell him what to do if residents recycle everything they can but still had more than two bags.

Since it went up on Wednesday, the post has been shared 1,500 times and received more than 100 comments from fellow residents, some of who described it as “brilliant”.

In the post which starts “Dear Bridgend Refuse Collection Department”, Darren branded the new scheme – designed to help Bridgend county reach the Welsh Government’s recycling target of 70% by 2025 – “draconian”.
He likened the list of new rules on what should be recycled in which box to the Tolstoy epic War and Peace.

He said the council has also made it clear “that the refuse tips will be guarded in future by a Moses-type figure with a staff, who will not allow you to pass if you have any waste that has been failed to be sorted or is not recyclable”.
Darren, 45, from Bryncethin, Bridgend, said with three adults and one “grown-up teenager” in the house, he fails to see why they should be “capped” at two bags per fortnight, the same as the “little old lady who lives next door”.
“There should be very little left to go into waste bags once you consider that the new system enables households to recycle cardboard, egg boxes, birthday cards, waxed drinks cartons and tetra packs, paper, newspapers and magazines, telephone directories, catalogues, shredded paper, junk mail and envelopes, plastic bottles including milk, drink or shampoo bottles, food containers including yoghurt pots and margarine tubs, plastic cups, non-black food trays, punnets, aerosols, foil trays and containers, food tins, drink cans, cooked and uncooked food including meat, fish, bones, peelings, tea bags and pet food, glass bottles, jars and more.

“It will also be possible for householders to recycle textiles, shoes, small electrical items, batteries, mobile phones and spectacles by placing them in a plastic bag at the kerbside, and there will be a separate collection for nappies and absorbent waste, plus an optional garden waste collection scheme.”

See toddler’s epic meltdown after discovering a HAIR on her arm
Posted in Entertainment by IOS May 12, 2017 7:46 am - 0 Comments

When one mum heard her toddler daughter screaming from the back seat of her car, she turned around thinking something terrible had happened.

But she discovered three-year-old Layla’s epic meltdown had been sparked by finding a HAIR on her arm.

Mobile phone footage shows the tot screaming and wailing at the unwanted discovery during a trip in Guildford, Surrey, on April 22.

Her mum, who shared the clip on social media, told Get Surrey : “I was just about to start the engine and go out with my three children when Layla started screaming.
“I turned around thinking something awful had happened and then fairly quickly realised she had a hair in her arm.

“She had a similar meltdown a few days before when there was a small spider on her window on the outside.
“I wanted to capture another meltdown to show her when she’s older, I then decided to film this.

“We have had similar instances since with things freaking her out.”

Tiny diva is already putting ‘boyfriend’ in his place as she shouts “never ever speak to me like that”
Posted in Entertainment by IOS May 11, 2017 7:51 am - 0 Comments

This feisty toddler may only be two, but she certainly knows her own mind when it comes to putting boys in their place.

Mila Stauffer is filmed angrily claiming she saw her ‘boyfriend’, Sawyer, playing in the park with another girl.

Refusing to let things go, she then uses her fake phone to call him and let him know exactly how she feels.

Mila says she is “so mad” she plans to “call him right now” – and she sticks to her word.

Picking up her pink phone, the tough toddler pretends to call him and berate him for playing with another girl.
In a hilarious chat, she says: “I saw Sawyer at the park with another girl, I was mad.”

Then, directly addressing her young love, she says: “This is ridiculous. What are you doing? Sawyer I saw you. Don’t go to the park with her.”
She says firmly: “I’m done with it” and almost hangs up the phone.

In an all too common occurrence as she vents her frustration, Mila also shouts “are you listening to me?”

Mila, from Arizona, adds: “I saw you”, before stating some ground rules for the future.
The dinky diva then ends the rant by sternly saying “Never ever mess with Mila”.

Amazing moment dock worker dives into murky Thames to save cat that had fallen in
Posted in Entertainment by IOS May 10, 2017 7:45 am - 0 Comments

A London docks worker has been hailed a hero for saving a cat from drowning after it fell into a Thames canal in a fight with a fellow feline.

CCTV shows Felix – the Royal Docks Management Authority’s office cat – being chased by a rival before plunging “into the drink”.

Worker Scott Derben, who witnessed the clash, quickly runs over to Felix’s aid as the other feline makes a quick getaway.

As Felix splashes around in the Thames, Mr Derben gets down on his stomach and grabs the cat by the scruff of her neck and hauls her to safety.
One user wrote on Twitter : “Top man. Didn’t stop to think and didn’t wait around for plaudits. Always good to remember that most people are kind and generous.”
Another added: “I’ll stand him 2 pints at the public house of his choosing.”

In the video Felix, a female cat, is chased out of an alleyway by the rival feline before they tussle near the water’s edge.

Felix then rolls over a couple of times before falling into the water.
“But as if to prove just how well the waters are maintained by the staff of the Royal Docks Management Authority, Felix the RoDMA cat ended up in the drink while bravely engaging in a hostile territorial battle (ie running away) from another cat.

“We can happily report that Felix suffered no injury or trauma. She also seems to be completely unaware that the rest of the RoDMA team have been laughing behind her back after the blase ‘nothing to see here’ routine that followed her dunking.”

Newsreader ‘quits’ weeks after embarrassing gaffe live on TV made her famous around the world
Posted in Entertainment by IOS May 8, 2017 8:06 am - 0 Comments

A newsreader has reportedly resigned weeks after an embarrassing gaffe live on air saw her go viral around Australia and the world.

Natasha Exelby had been presenting the news when the show had cut away from the studio to a pre-recorded video tape.

Without her knowledge, the camera cut back to her unexpectedly, broadcasting her looking distracted and frowning at her pen.

When she realised she was actually on air, she jumped up in her seat and her jaw dropped.

Natasha Exelby ✔ @NatashaExelby
Thank U all for ur generous support. Not my finest hour. Myself and my mesmerising pen honourably salute you!

She even won an Australian TV award.

An ABC spokesman told Yahoo7 News: “Natasha Exelby has chosen not to do some casual shifts she was rostered for.

“Natasha was not taken off-air because of a ‘blooper’ and ABC News has been clear that we’re open to working with her again, including the possibility of future presenting shifts.”

Exelby declined to comment on the matter when approached by Yahoo7.

Incredible transformation of puppy who nearly died after being smothered in glue as he settles in with new family
Posted in Entertainment by IOS May 5, 2017 7:35 am - 0 Comments

A stray dog left for dead after being covered in glue and dragged through mud is now unrecognisable after settling in with a new family.

Heartbreaking footage showed the pooch Pascal looking terrified and in pain following the sickening act of violence at the hands of cruel kids.

The poor mongrel could hardly move and looked to be already dead after enduring the terrible abuse which caused rigor mortis to begin to set in.

New pictures posted by a charity show the dog running and leaping on a beach in Spain with the caption: “‘HAPPY TIMES AFTER EVERYTHING HE WENT THROUGH FINALLY !!! PASCAL is spending the week-end with his family in Spain by the beach! Breathtaking view!”

Artist jumps up and down repeatedly on shards of broken glass – but somehow walks away without a cut
Posted in Entertainment by IOS May 4, 2017 7:35 am - 0 Comments

A Chinese artist demonstrated a lesson in treading carefully with this painful-looking stunt in which he jumps up and down repeatedly on shards of broken glass.

The performer leaps into a pit filled with shattered glass and drags his feet over the shards for 10 excruciating seconds.

He then jumps back out of the pit and not a drop of blood is visible.

The artist who pulled off the agonising feat belongs to southern China’s ethnic Miao people, and the stunt is only possible to achieve by trained professionals.

Girl on night out joins busker for impromptu duet – and audience suggest they audition for X Factor
Posted in Entertainment by IOS May 3, 2017 7:41 am - 0 Comments

Singer Jade Helliwell was enjoying a night out in Leeds when she spotted the street musician and asked if she could join him for an ad hoc duet.

The busker got quite a surprise when he found Jade was not just a Saturday night reveller showing off to friends for a bet.
And fans think the pair should now team-up for a talent show .

One Facebook user wrote: “They need to go on X Factor new series. Awesome, the pair of them.”

A video of the collaboration has been shared on Facebook and viewed nearly 6 million times.
Jade said she decided to join in after she heard the busker’s “beautiful voice.”

Sharing the clip, which has now gone viral , on her Facebook page, Jade wrote: “After chatting he let me sing a song with him.

“I only knew the chorus and a verse but we had a good time singing together.”
“The beauty of music – you can cross paths with someone you’ve never met and come together for a few (minutes) and just enjoy the performance.”

Beyonce shows off her growing baby bump in figure-hugging red dress and GIANT flower crown at the Wearable Art Gala
Posted in Entertainment by IOS May 1, 2017 7:39 am - 0 Comments

Beyonce might be heavily pregnant with twins – but that doesn’t stop her making edgy fashion choices.

The pregnant star skipped the red carpet at the Wearable Art Gala in LA last night but she showed off her incredible outfit on her website today.

Wearing a huge flower crown adorned with butterflies, she was glowing.

She teamed the extravagant headpiece with a figure-hugging red dress that compliment her every curve.